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If you need help or have questions about the Data Science Research Infrastructure, try one of the mechanisms above:

Access the DSRI#

To access the Data Science Research Infrastructure (DSRI) you need to be working or studying at Maastricht University, and have a email account.

Before enabling your UM account to access the DSRI, we would like to know a bit more about your Data Science project! Please fill this form to provide us some information on what you plan to do with the DSRI.

Once this will be done, we will enable your account as soon as possible, and you will be able to login using your UM username and password.

Check the issues 📝#

Browse existing issues to resolve your problem, and feel free to create a new issue to request new features on the DSRI, or improve the documentation.

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Join the DSRI Slack 💬#

Contact us at to get an invitation to the DSRI Slack channel

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Contact us 📬#

Contact us at if you have any questions

From the Institute of Data Science (IDS) and Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS) at Maastricht University.

  • Vincent Emonet - Data Science engineer at IDS
  • Binosha Weerarathna - Data Science engineer at IDS
  • Marcel Brouwers - System, Security and Network engineer at ICTS
  • Chris Kuipers - System, Security and Network engineer at ICTS
  • Jordy Frijns - System, Security and Network engineer at ICTS
  • Michel Dumontier - Project investigator from IDS